The Ministry

westmoreland logo 2Westmoreland Ministries is the ministry that I founded in 1995. My wife, Susan and I run it together and are passionate about touching lives with the love and truth of Jesus Christ. Through the ministry, we coordinate and partner with other ministries as a christian communicator, to reach people with the love of Jesus Christ. Westmoreland Ministries is a non-profit 501c3 organization.


Blended4Life is a focus of ministry Susan and I have regarding all of those people who are living life as a blended family.It is something Susan and I have close to our hearts, as we are a blended family. Sometimes, we will post various blogs, videos and discussions about the dynamics, frustrations, challenges and beauty of the blended family life.

Divorce hurts everyone involved. We are in no way an advocate for divorce. But everyone’s situation is unique. There are 3 things we know.

1 – God hates divorce.

2 – Gods loves every single person, whether they’ve been divorced or not.

And 3 – No one, who has gone through a divorce, wants to experience that failure and pain again. But when no one is willing to talk about it, people experiencing it, feel alone in their situation. The reality is, the majority of society is effected by a blended family dynamic, so someone needs to be talking about it.

In a time that 50% of all first time marriages end in divorce and 70+% of those remarry involving children. We see a huge need to openly discuss the ups and downs of blended families and the realities they face. Today, most churches have some sort of divorce care ministry. However, there are very few who are offering anything for those couples trying to successfully navigate the, sometimes, treacherous waters of a blended life. We, in no way, consider ourselves experts on this subject. We are simply opening up our own personal experiences, as we are experiencing it, and hope it helps and encourages others dealing with their blended family life.



We have many faithful partners who help us accomplish what God has called us to do, through their support. Partners support take on many forms. Some contribute, on a monthly basis, financially. Others contribute financially, once a year. Still others lend their support through donating their professional services. Non financial support comes in many forms, as well. But the most important area of partnership comes in the form of prayer support.

Our prayer partners faithfully surround every trip, event, project and speaking engagement in prayer. It is this vital prayer support that allows us to see God move upon the hearts, minds and lives of individuals and families, in amazing ways. It is an honor to have such a faithful army of prayer supporters lifting our family, our ministry, our marriage and my speaking engagements up in prayer. We could not do what we do without this army of prayer warriors.

If you would like to join the Westmoreland Ministries Support Team, please fill out the form below and let us know where you feel led to be involved. We would also love to add you on our mailing list for e-newsletter updates and prayer specifics.

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