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“KP is truly a man of God. With a passion and fire, he is speaking into the hearts and minds of this generation, and the Lord is using him big time! Through his unique style, winsome personality, and commitment to the Word, lives are being transformed. Anyone who has the opportunity to hear KP will be blessed.”

Kevin Palau (Executive Vice President, Palau Association)

Let me say,

that I am completely honored that you would be considering me to speak at your service or event. Whether it’s a church service, revival, retreat, camp or conference, I am truly honored. I want you to know that I take every speaking opportunity very seriously. From running our own ministry, I fully understand the importance of every detail involved in putting on an event and what it takes to make an event successful. I understand that the success of an event, often comes down to the quality of the speaker and how well they connect with the audience. My passion, throughout the years, is that my speaking connects with the audience so that God can touch the hearts and lives of the community I am entrusted with. I want you to know that it is an honor to be considered as the speaker, for your event.

My feeling and approach to this privileged responsibility is that, as the speaker, I want to partner with you to achieve your heartfelt goals for the event. I feel that these opportunities, are two ministries working together, towards a common goal. The more we can help one another understand each others needs for the success of your event, the more likely we both will end up being very happy about our working together.
Over the years (and hundreds of events), I have gained a greater understanding of the challenges you face in finding the right speaker, to help you achieve your goals. It is my desire that we exceed your expectations and that your efforts are fully successful. In order for me to help you reach the goals for your event, it is very important that we both know exactly what the expectations may be. And what its success will look like, for you. It is my prayer, that your working with me, is a blessing. My passion is to see both you and I be successful in reaching the heart of the audience and watching lives eternally impacted, giving God all the glory.

A Little Bit About Me


I grew up in a small town outside of Oklahoma City (Bethany). The college across the street from my house was my playground. It was there, getting to know many of the college basketball players, that I dreamed of being like them and playing college basketball myself one day. Fortunately, I was able to live that dream. One summer, during college, I decided to raised awareness and funds for the homeless victims of Oklahoma City by dribbling a basketball across the entire state of Oklahoma. I dribbled a basketball 345 miles in 16 day and crossed the state. Upon the completion of that agonizing trip, at a ceremony in downtown Oklahoma City, the mayor presented me with a proclamation officially naming August 18th, 1990 as KP Westmoreland Day. I had my own day. Ha! That still cracks me up.

After graduating I was fortunate enough to be invited to play on a couple different comedy basketball teams (much like the Harlem Globetrotters).

I am the president and founder of Westmoreland Ministries, which was formed in 1995. It all began because of my burning passion is to reach people with the gospel of Jesus Christ and see them live a life of faith. I quickly found myself speaking at events throughout the country. Those events ranged from camps, conferences, retreats, music festivals, music tours and church services. I have had the privilege of speaking internationally in China, the Philippines, Europe, Mexico, Canada, South American and Haiti. My usual audience consists of teens, college students, young adults, men and/or families.

I am a published author of two books (my latest one is Recovering Hypocrite,) For a few years, I hosted a radio program called “For Real” in Oklahoma City. And I was the executive producer of the TV pilot (Rev’d), that won the “Peoples Choice 1st place Award” at the National Religious Broadcasters Convention.

I currently reside in Oklahoma City with my wife, Susan and our five children. I am absolutely in love with my wife and never want to spend a day apart from her. So she often accompanies me on speaking trips just to keep me from pouting. Our five children keep our life full of energy. With three boys (two of which just recently started driving) and two girls, life is never dull around our house (or quiet).

I look forward to meeting you and seeing all that God wants to accomplish.

So what are we waiting for?



What You Can Expect

The number one focus of my ministry team is to coordinate the best possible event for YOU, and give God the opportunity to touch the lives and hearts of your audience. Our team was handpicked based on their desire to see lives touched and changed, to the glory of God. We have a prayer team that will pray over the event, audience, the coordinating staff (as well as my family and myself). It is my belief that bathing an event (and those involved in it) with prayer, will bring miraculous results. Our hope is not only to fulfill your request, but to exceed your expectations and to create an unforgettable experience for you and your community.

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