I’ve been trying to create a new routine to my day, by getting up around 5 or 5:30am and getting in the presence of God.

I’ll admit I was doing pretty well till the holidays. So, this morning, I started back at it. And I would encourage anyone else to try to do the same (even though I know mornings aren’t for everybody). But there’s something about making the very first thing you do, in your day, being a conscious effort to seek Gods face and presence, that He has to look upon with joy.

But this wasn’t suppose to be about my attempt to create a new routine. But I will say that the old saying is true, “It’s crazy for you to keep doing what you’ve always done, while expecting a different result.”

What this is about, is what I read this morning.

I read John 16:5-11, where Jesus is explaining to His disciples that He’s got to go away. He points out that none of them bothered to ask where He was going, but rather how they just grieved that He was leaving them. He goes on to explain to them, that the reason He has to go is so He can send the holy spirit to them, for their benefit.

He soon afterwards shed His blood, died on the cross and rose back to life. Thus paying the penelty for our sin.

But what stood out to me was this. It was obviously of the utmost importance, to Him, that He was to send the holy spirit. Not to the disciples only. But also to all of us who believe and accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior.

And that got me to thinking. If our having the holy spirit in our lives was that important to Jesus, shouldn’t it be as important to us as well?

What are we doing to welcome Gods holy spirit into our daily lives?

Well, I for one, will continue to try to wake up early in the mornings. And make seeking His presence, the first thing I do.

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