God Reveals Truth In A Wood Shop

This Christmas, I wanted to surprise Susan and my boys, by building two Christmas gifts for them. I wanted to attempt to build a kitchen island and a skateboard ramp. (the skateboard ramp was not for Susan)

It was during the building process that God really showed me something.

The build was taking place in my friend, Robert Moore’s shop. Robert and I stood in his shop, he listened to my thoughts about what I wanted to build. We then scribbled them out on paper, figured out our dimensions, what all we’d need and how much the materials would cost.

After purchasing the needed materials, we began work on the two projects.

It took a couple of weeks, of me sneaking down to Roberts and working on the things, to get them done before Christmas. But during the process, God revealed to me more about the power of our thoughts and what else is needed to ever see our our thoughts (or ideas) become a reality.

Here’s a video I shot about the experience, where I share what else is needed to see our thoughts become a reality.

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