Faith, a wake and The Sound…


Summers for us often include spending time on the lake, but it also includes speaking at several camps. Susan and I just returned from our last camp for the summer, where on our last day, we took a ferry boat ride across the Puget Sound in Washington.

As we stood on the back of the boat taking in the amazing view, I noticed the wake being created by the boat. I stood there watching it grow from the beginnings of the wake, to rolling waves as it spread out wider and wider behind us. I watched and saw how each wave rolled across the water towards the shores lining the Sound. I watched as the waves became a distant image and they neared whichever shoreline any particular wave was destined to reach.

As we neared the Seattle harbor, I thought about how the wake from our boat created waves that reached many different shorelines. Shorelines that we never stepped foot on.

Our faith is much like the wake of a boat. Our faith is a force that moves us along. And in the wake of our faith, as we move through life (like we moved across the Puget Sound) our wake becomes waves. And those waves spread out and ultimately reach and touch shorelines that you and I have never stepped foot on.

We may never know how our faith has touched someone else, standing on distant shores, until we meet them in heaven.

Be mindful of the wake you are leaving behind. It will reach and effect the hearts of others.

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