Countless hours, hundreds of conversations and much prayer and planning has led us to this point.

Though this is not the only area of ministry focus we will be dealing with (because I’ll always be an evangelist at heart), we wanted to let you know to be watching for some new and exciting updates regarding our ministry focus for those living the “Blended” life.

God hates divorce! But He still passionately loves and wants successful lives, for all of those who have suffered and survived it. And for most who have been through a divorce (whether a man, woman or child), entering in a blended family environment is most likely going to be where they find themselves.

42% of adults have a steprelationship. Either a stepparent, a step or half sibling or a stepchild. This translates to 95.5 million adults. When you add the more than 5 million stepchildren in the U.S., the total is over 100 million Americanshave a steprelationship. (statistics compiled by Ron L. Deal, M. MFT.)

If you are a person living the reality of the above statistics, please connect with us, on our facebook page, specifically geared to the “Blended” life, marriage and family.


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