I am a follower of Jesus Christ, I’m in love with my wife, I adore our five children, I’m the president and founder of Westmoreland Ministries and I’m a published author. I’ve been a Christian speaker/evangelist since 1995. I’ve loved getting to travel the world to speak to people at churches, events, camps, festivals and conferences. I’ve been a road pastor for several Christian bands and spoken on many of their tours. I’ve produced a TV pilot episode that won the “Peoples Choice” 1st Place award from the National Religious Broadcasters. But most importantly, I’m a simple Christ follower, striving to grow deeper in my personal relationship with Jesus Christ and keep it real.


Random Stuff: I played college basketball and even played for a comedy basketball team (sorta like the Harlem Globetrotters). In 1990, I dribbled a basketball across the state of Oklahoma, to raise money for a homeless shelter. I have been the proud recipient of my own day, when the mayor of Oklahoma City declared, by proclamation, that August 18, 1990 was officially KP Westmoreland Day, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I use to be able to ride a wheelie on my bicycle all the way around the block without stopping. I failed at being a roofer, because I don’t like heights.


And my cousin, Kathy Westmoreland, sang and toured with Elvis Presley for several years.



My Wife: I am actually married to the most beautiful and passionate woman God has ever created. Her name is Susan and she is my best friend and the most beautiful person I’ve ever known. She has her masters degree and is a speech pathologist. So obviously, I have married someone both smart and beautiful. In short… I married WAY over my head. She is also very passionate. She is passionate about life, marriage, ministry and the Tennessee Vols. Her passion for ministry and involvement in our ministry is a true blessing. She loves speaking to teen girls about their value and beauty being found in Christ. As well, she’s passionate about speaking about the importance of loyalty and faithfulness in marriage and family. I’m hoping I can talk her into making the time to write for this site, because she has some great stuff in her heart to say. Have I mentioned that I am absolutely in love with my wife?






Our Children: Susan and I have five amazing children. Three boys and two girls, ranging in ages 17 down to 10. They are all very unique in personality and interests. Whether it’s sports, video games, riding bikes & skateboards or competitive dancing… they keep us moving at a high rate of speed.